Weekly Synopsis



Next wee=
k due to the New Year holiday  our office hours will be: Tuesday &#821=
1; office open half day, and office will be closed on Wednesday.=


17;s what else is going on next week:



Allen – off Monday and Tuesday

Cindy – off on Tuesday

Sarah – off on Tuesday

– off on Tuesday

Michael – =
Telecommuting Monday and Tuesday



No upgrades scheduled next week



Testing and Training

Silvas Oil – Expected to go live on January 7th.

J.N Abbott – H=
as agreed to upgrade and will also be buying a server at the beginning of n=
ext year. (No new updates)

WSO &#=
8211; Susan will be testing OE this weekend; after this she is done testing=
the Linux server. (No new updates)

–Testing is completed. Waiting to hear back from Keith to sc=
hedule a go-live date.  (No new updates)

Golden Gate Bay – Spoke to John Bailey and he wants to f=
ocus on their Linux upgrade at the beginning of next year. (No new updates)=

Nickey Petroleum – Cindy i=
s done testing and is waiting to hear back from Leah to begin scheduling th=
eir training. (No new updates)

Hunt – has agreed to buy a server. (No new updates)

Maui –Maui and Akana have begun testing. Cindy=
has been working with them to help get this completed.  (No new updat=

Senter  – Allen and Penn=
i are still working on resolving CL issues.  (No new updates)

Idemitsu – Called Rod to find out a=
bout their upgrade plans but he was unavailable. Will try again next week. =
(No new updates)

Lakeview –=
Have tested somewhat but seem to be waiting on Fuelman to be tested and pr=
oven. (No new updates)

Ramos &#82=
11; Cindy is almost done with 2.0 Next month testing. Waiting on Bug 1013 t=
o be resolved. (No new updates)



Have a great weekend.