CSRs and staff RxApps logins

We need your help testing RxApps. This is the first release which still needs cosmetic tweaking but that will be fixed before making it available to customers.

A recap on RxApps – This will eventually replace all of the PDS inquiry screens (i.e. – Customer Inquiry Screen), and it’s also our first attempt at creating a graphical representation of data found in PDS.

What I need from you is to go through, play with the system and report any issues you find. Keep in mind we are using test data from our PDSLNXDEV box, which is not the best data set and it makes it challenging to find a good test customer. I used account 1043 which seemed to have a little of everything. Aside from that we would also like suggestions about how we can improve this tool. Please suggest what other apps we can create. Basically anything that’s “view” only in PDS. Feel free to make suggestions about the look and feel of RxApps as well.

As I mentioned this is the first revision which contains only a few simple “single” apps. The next revision will contain what we call “Combo apps” where the user can view more than one app on a page.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

To access the site go to:


User ID’s:


Password for all: 99admin99

Company: rxdemo

Site: Testing

Let me know if you have any questions.