TEMPE, AZ—(June 24, 2019) – Green Planet Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: GNPG), an emerging leader in green technology, announced today that, in response to the worldwide buyer demand for the revolutionary plant growing system being developed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Healing the Earth, Inc. (HTE), the Company has completed engineering drawings for a modular design of the system. The modular design provides ultimate scalability for the system to meet the needs of customers from family farms to international growing cooperatives. The Healing the Earth controlled environment growing system is designed to increase food production by 300% over traditional field cultivation while reducing water use by up to 97%.

HTE has completed a series of livestock feeding trials using the proof-of-concept system built several years ago using existing materials and equipment married to the Company’s proprietary design and equipment elements. The new modular design facilitates customization of the growing system food output to produce precisely the amount of food needed each day, realizing the HTE concept of FOOD ON DEMAND™. Assembled from twenty foot long modules that plug together, the growing system production lines can be assembled to provide the daily food required for a wide variety of livestock: beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats and chickens among others. The largest system designed to date for a customer in the Middle East is comprised of thirty (30) production lines, each of which is 260 feet long, featuring robotic seeding and harvesting. Each day, this system will produce thirty-two (32) tons of fresh barley fodder or 11,680 tons per year. This daily fodder production will feed 2,500 beef cattle, or 1,300 milk cows, 11,000 sheep, or 256,000 chickens.

Healing the Earth is currently responding to buyer inquiries from around the world including customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chad, Nigeria, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Angola and Japan. Signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) have been received from Jordan and Abu Dhabi, committing land allocations for the HTE growing systems. Ken Bennett, Green Planet Group CEO, noted, “The excitement and interest generated by our unique high-capacity growing system from customers around the planet strengthen our belief that our HTE growing system can have a major impact on increasing food production, reducing the negative environmental impact of agriculture and reducing hunger worldwide.”