Green Planet Group Improves Food Security, Reduces the Impact of Climate Change

Green Planet Group (Symbol GNPG) announces that its ten-year effort to address the problems of climate change on food production is at the end. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Healing the Earth Inc (HTE) is now open for business and is accepting orders for its revolutionary organic food growing system.

The patented Healing the Earth growing system will:

  • Combat climate change by eliminating most green-house gases associated with traditional farming practices.
  • Reduce hunger worldwide by growing large quantities of fresh organic food in population centers, reducing transportation and the related 27% food waste, while reducing carbon emissions. This benefit is defined as “Food at the Point of Consumption™”.
  • Eliminate the ongoing need to find more acres to feed a growing world population by deforestation of the worlds rain forests, which consume carbon emissions. One growing system can produce the equivalent food production of up to 4,000 acres.
  • Improve food access thereby reducing food insecurity and the related constant concern that over 800 million people have today worrying about how to feed themselves and their families tomorrow.
  • Fulfill President Biden’s goal of creating new technologies to combat greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the earth, while providing high-quality food for its growing population.

Green Planet Group CEO, Edmond Lonergan, stated that “Healing the Earth is commercializing the new way to grow food. Our growing system  reduces agriculture’s need for water and fertilizer, while growing food three times faster than the tradition way”. Mr Lonergan continued that “Healing the Earth is the Future of Food™”.

Much more exciting information to follow.

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About Green Planet Group, Inc.

The Company is comprised of four wholly-owned subsidiaries: two operating companies and two development stage companies.  The Company’s Healing the Earth subsidiary has developed a new Fast Track™ growing system capable of growing vast amounts of fresh, organic food with extremely low water use.  XenTx Lubricants produces lubricants and additives for gasoline and diesel engines which reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.  AAQIS is developing a hydrogen generator which greatly reduces hydrocarbon emissions while improving fuel efficiency in internal combustion engines.  Green Mining Technologies is developing restorative technology for placer mine tailings.


Forward-Looking Statements

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Edmond L. Lonergan, CEO: